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KIVA is an online lending platform that uses crowdfunded microloans as a force for good.

KIVA creates a space where people can have a tangible impact on each other—and ultimately expand financial access for all.

With KIVA, you will be connected to lenders across the globe, and can apply for crowdfunded loans of up to $15,000 at 0% interest for terms up to 36 months.


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KIVA + CO.LAB will bring people together.

How it works

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Find out if you’re prequalified by reaching out to the CO.LAB team. Then easily fill out the online application.

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Invite friends and family to donate to your KIVA fund
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Prove your creditworthiness by inviting friends and family to lend to you

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Go public on Kiva, with your loan visible to over 1.6 million lenders worldwide

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Repay your KIVA loan easily
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Build your customer base and build credit by paying off your Kiva loan

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Ella Livingston, Cocoa Asante
Without Kiva, I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be where I am today. I was at a stuck point and could not move further without funds. Because of Kiva I was able to afford professional pictures of my product which allowed me to launch my website and social media platforms. I was also able to purchase packaging which for my product is crucial, as well as other inventory items.

- Ella Livingston, Cocoa Asante

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Felicia Jackson, CPR Wrap

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Gable Eaton, TeqTouch

Gable Eaton, TeqTouch

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Christine Nguyen, Mama Crunk's Pies

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Kenyatta Ashford, Neutral Ground

Kenyatta Ashford, Neutral Ground

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